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Customer Service

A core part of PFT’s values, first established by Peter and Sue Fletcher, is our approach to customer service, which still drives everything we do. The PFT team are a tight-knit, friendly team who put their huge knowledge of transport and logistics to use servicing our customers’ needs.

We can move and store just about anything, and no job is too big or too small for our customer and-solution-focussed team. We can move a courier satchel around the North and South Islands as easily as huge containers or heavy equipment.

Our team is made up of experts who have spent years working in the transport and logistics industry, either gaining experience elsewhere or by our side since 1994. They know how to size up a load of goods to give an accurate quote.

At PFT we streamline our accounts process by invoicing daily so our customers know where the spend is, and to make it easier and faster for our customers to on-charge to their own clients.

Our GPS tracking system also lets you know when the goods have been delivered, taking the guesswork out of delivery times. And should there be a delay in delivering your goods, we’ll let you know, before you let us know!

Whether it is a one-off cash sale, or you wish to create an account, one of our team will help you, or put you in touch with our resident expert to ensure you obtain the best service on offer.

Taking our customer service approach further

As a significant player in the transportation sector we believe in giving back to our industry and community around Christchurch and Canterbury whenever we are able to help out.

After the Christchurch earthquakes, we volunteered and helped a number of church and community groups relocate to their new premises, or helped with storage while repairs were completed. As our city rebuilds, we are still working with worthy organisations around Canterbury who need help with freight and transport.

PFT also runs ‘Take the High Road’ cadet mentorship for aspiring truck drivers. Successful candidates spend time in each of our divisions, gaining valuable on-the-job experience.
At the end of the cadetship, candidates are well-schooled in the ‘PF Transport way’ of doing things – ready to start contributing to our company, and industry, in a meaningful way.

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